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My Home Observatory has a problem virtually no southern horizon.

AO southern horizon

 My house dominates my southern sky.  Any object below - 20° Dec is simply not a usable target.  I was willing to live with that limitation, but at the 2017 AIC I was presented with an alternative - Chilescope. 

Chile Scope Domes

Chilescope is an observatory located near La Serena, Chile that rents time on their 3 telescopes.  So far I have been using the 500mm Newtonians.  In January I have a project that will involve the 1 meter scope.  For more information see their website

Being in a dark site means that LRGB and not just narrowband is possible.  Thus I have many projects planned both with galaxies and some of my more usual narrowband work.


NGC 2070

NGC 2070 - Tarantula Nebula
NGC 253 Thumb

NGC 253

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